Tasheika Nash, LSW

Tasheika Nash, LSW

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Tasheika Nash, LSW

Whether it is a major life transition, a traumatic event, or everyday stress, I applaud you for reaching out during a time of need. Life challenges can lead many to experience anxiety, depression, and feelings of hopelessness. I have experience working with clients experiencing many variations of psychological distress, including PTSD, depression, anxiety, abuse, and relational issues. When we work together, we will take a deeper look to see when, where, and how you arrived where you are today. I am excited to collaborate with you to reach your optimal level of wellness. 

I graduated from Aurora University with a Master‚Äôs in Social Work. I bring a wealth of experience in the social service field and my lived experience that allows me to work with individuals and families in a supportive capacity. My therapeutic approach utilizes psychoeducation to empower my clients, while practicing a client-centered approach, using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, along with attachment theory to address each client’s needs. I know that family dynamics and our environments play an important role in our ability to function at optimal levels, so my goal is to work together to understand the layers and systems that come into play.

I think my friends would describe me as empathic, resilient, and supportive. One fun fact about me is that I was once certified as a personal trainer, which I think helps inform my belief in the mind and body connection – we talk about somatics sometimes in my work with clients and I really believe that good mind/body/balance can help us obtain optimal wellness. One of my greatest dreams is to positively impact someone I have encountered during my presence on Earth. I want to witness greater acceptance of people from different backgrounds and more cultural awareness; I want to do my part to destigmatize mental health and remove barriers that keep people from being able to achieve wellness.


Anxiety, depression, hopelessness, PTSD, trauma, abuse, relationship issues

Treatment Philosophy:

I believe that providing my clients with an empathic and judgment-free zone is essential in creating a healthy therapeutic space.

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