Oksana LaSalvia Director of Customer Care

Oksana LaSalvia, Director of Customer Care

Oksana LaSalvia, Director of Customer Care

Each of us face challenges and change in our life. Sometimes a little support can go a long way in helping us to successfully navigate these difficulties. It is my role here at Evolution Counseling to assist our new clients to connect with a therapist who would be the best fit for their unique needs and life goals. Our practice provides a wealth of experience in mental health services. It is my pleasure to have that first connection with our clients, as the first step is a courageous one.

Prior to my current role here at Evolution Counseling, I worked as a Certified Occupational Therapist in a vast variety of rehabilitation settings and have always understood the mental toll that unexpected health challenges take on individuals. Additionally, I have completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and look forward to my future endeavors as life continues to evolve.

I am proud to be part of Evolution Counseling as this practice is committed to the healing of ALL people.

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