Guiding You Through Your Evolving Life

The goal of every therapist will be to develop a deeper understanding of seeing life through your eyes. Transitions and true evolution occurs when you become the best version of yourself, and your therapist will be your guidance through every step of the process.

Individual Counseling

Deciding to make some changes in your life? We are here to guide you through those transitions. Although people often come to individual therapy to work on a specific “issue or diagnosis” with a counselor, we are focused on helping to facilitate a greater understanding of yourself so that real change can occur. An array of therapeutic approaches and psychological therapy is in our toolkit, from psycho-dynamic therapy, to cognitive behavioral therapy and other evidence-based approaches. 

Stressed Woman
Gay Couple

LGBT, Transgender & Queer Counseling

Exploring your identity – gender or sexual – can be an experience that leaves a person feeling alone and misunderstood. Ongoing negative and sometimes violent attention directed toward LGBT individuals can lead to chronic minority stress.  The concept of minority stress comes from the idea that it’s just plain hard being a gender or sexual minority in a heterocentric and cissexist culture. At Evolution Counseling, Inc. in Naperville, you have the safety of knowing your gender therapist has been trained on all aspects of Gender and Sexual Identity and has the resources to support and help you chart the path you want for your future. Your session with your therapist will be questions focused on your life, your journey, and what you need to realize to be the best version of yourself.  


Our approach is governed by informed consent and we are proud to be affiliated with the Lurie Gender Non Conforming Clinicians Collaborative and WPATH.Our LGBT and gender therapists in Naperville are rooted in the standards for practice as set by the Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues in Counseling (ALGBTIC). Our practice owner is a member of the World Professional Association of Transgender Health. Evolution Counseling, Inc. is also a member of Lurie Children’s Hospital’s Gender-affirming Clinician’s Collaborative (GCC). All of our counselors have completed the ACA modules for Gender Conforming therapy.


Relationship & Family Counseling

Our family therapy goals are to help facilitate growth as individuals and as a couple or family. We are focused on respect, communication, understanding and growth. When working with couples and families, we view the system as the “client” with its own set of problems, strengths and weaknesses. Just like your own unique life cycle, your relationships grow and shift with time. We are happy to work with families of any constellation, including non-traditional family and LGBT+ family counseling. 

Couples Therapy, Premarital Counseling, and Marriage Restoration in Naperville

Counseling is a great way to navigate those shifts and work alongside a counselor who can help your marriage or relationship align strengths and weaknesses to goals in order to get to the next level.

Couple's Shadow
Male Teenager

Child & Teen Counseling

Today’s world is complicated and can trigger anxiety, moods and difficult choices for young people. From pressure to succeed, cyber-bullying to self-esteem issues, children and teens are faced with a lot of expectations and judgments on top of meeting difficult developmental milestones. When working with children and teens, our child psychologists aim to create a safe environment where a trusting relationship can develop.


Teen Counseling In Naperville


A critical component of teen counseling is trust. Teens are often hesitant to come into counseling. They are coming on the recommendation of a parent, social worker or other adult. While parents are still involved in the process, it is imperative that a healthy, trusting bond is forged between the teen and therapist. Our goal is to help them see the value of having their own time where they are empowered to speak freely and learn ways to develop positive, healthy coping behaviors, to have healthy relationships with themselves, their families and their friends.

Parents are encouraged to send emails to the therapist to inform of concerns, progress and information that will be helpful to the process. In turn, our teen counseling therapists in Naperville will ensure the parent and teen both understand that group communication is a critical key to the success of counseling.

Teens are able to decide whether they want to communicate directly with parents at home or in session. Similarly, they can request for the therapist to talk one-on-one with parents at any time. The overall goal of teen counseling is healthy mental and physical well-being, so at any time if there is an issue that is safety related, parents are immediately brought into the discussion.