Sandra Conti MBA, MS, LCPC

Therapy is a collaborative effort requiring an exchange of ideas and information on both sides for success. I truly believe that it takes a village not only to raise our children, but to support and help each other through this journey called life. The world we live in encourages us to do more, be unsatisfied with what is, and includes technology that connects us in some ways, but distances us in others. Together we will unpack and sort through the struggles, the questions and the feelings so we can identify what is getting in your way.

I practice from a dialectical stance.  This allows us to take ideas that may appear opposite and learn how to shift the perspective to see them as two truths standing side by side.  Through this process, you will come to learn that being effective is very different from being ‘right’.  Yow will also learn how to live in the moment versus being reactive.  This empowers you to be more intentional and responsive, increasing the quality of life.  And when life takes a sudden turn, you will also the learn coping skills to help you ride the wave.  As a Zen student under the teachings of Roshi/Doctor Marsha Linehan, the founder of Dialectical Behavior Therapy, I have learned to be more mindful and get more out of each day.  I am grateful to be able to bring this to the therapeutic space.

Trained in evidenced based practices, I utilize a client-centered approach with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness with my clients. I strive to connect with and educate my clients during the process.  My clients describe me as down to earth and compassionate, using humor to keep a healthy balance. I love working with women, teens, young adults and men in all areas of their lives.

I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor working with people from age 12 through age 75 of all races, genders, sexual orientation and cultures. I earned my Master of Science in Clinical Psychology from Benedictine University. Prior to counseling, I earned an MBA and worked as an Operations Specialist in the financial field.  My blend of critical thinking and management skills with counseling training informs my unique style.

I have developed expertise in the areas of substance abuse, ADHD, behavioral problems, depressive/mood disorders, anxiety and stress related issues. I have specialized training in working with the LGBTQ+ population, especially those who are gender questioning and transgender. I am a member of WPATH, a member of the Lurie Children’s Hospital Gender Non-conforming Clinicians Collaborative, and work closely with Howard Brown and Lurie Children’s Hospital Gender & Sex Development program.

I am married to my college sweetheart, have parented two adult sons and have a Jack Russell named Buddy.


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