Naperville LGBTQIA++ Therapy

Naperville LGBTQIA++ Therapy 

All people face stressors and challenges to their mental health, but those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or gender nonconforming are at an increased risk of mental health disorders, acts of violence, negative stigmatization, and self-harm, including suicide. To make matters worse, it can be difficult for people in these groups to find a therapist who understands their identity and their struggles. At Evolution Counseling, our Naperville LGBTQIA++ therapy is gender-affirming and supportive. Reach out to us today for the help you need in moving forward on the path to a healthy, full life.

Common Reasons Why Patients Seek Our Care 

Whether you are looking for individual counseling, family counseling, or relationship counseling, our therapists help patients navigate some of the following issues:

  • Understanding one’s own gender identity and sexual orientation
  • Talking to friends, family, co-workers, or others about sexual identity/gender – “coming out”
  • Coping with depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders
  • Managing stress
  • Satisfaction in an intimate relationship
  • Relationships with family and friends
  • Parenting an LGBTQIA++ child
  • Coping with negative stigmas and bias
  • Managing challenges in LGBTQIA++ relationships
  • Having an LGBTQIA++ parent

What Is Gender-Affirming Care? 

Gender-affirming care is patient-centered and is focused on treating individuals holistically and recognizing and affirming their gender identities. At Evolution Counseling, you will not waste time in your sessions educating your therapist on your identity and the issues that come along with it. Our team follows the WPATH Standards of Care, and we understand the importance of viewing each patient as a valid, whole, unique individual. We can help educate you on various gender-affirming procedures available and offer letters of support if necessary.

Why Choose Evolution Counseling?

At Evolution Counseling, our inclusive approach to counseling affirms all individuals, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, gender, race, ethnicity, age, or other demographics. The purpose of therapy with us is to identify your personal goals and barriers to reaching those goals, with our therapists guiding you as you focus on your life, your journey, and taking the steps to becoming the best version of yourself.

Our therapists believe in taking an approach that is governed by informed consent and that is rooted in established standards and practices. Our therapy is aligned with the standards set by the Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues in Counseling. The owner of our practice is also a member of the Lurie Children’s Hospital Gender-Affirming Clinician’s Collaborative, and all of our counselors have completed modules for Gender Conforming therapy.

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We know that being a minority in a heteronormative, cisgender world is challenging, and that finding a therapist who recognizes you for you isn’t always easy. But help is available. For the psychological support you need, reach out to Evolution Counseling today for Naperville LGBTQIA++ therapy. We are here to support you on your journey and provide you with guidance and tools for improving your life. We are accepting new patients and are available to provide more information by phone or online.

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