Gender Affirming Medical Assessments Naperville

Gender Affirming Medical Assessments Naperville

 It can be a difficult process to realize and express a gender identity that differs from the one you were assigned at birth. When gender transition procedures are necessary to help you live as your true self, we are here to help. At Evolution Counseling, we recognize that medically affirming people’s gender identities is essential for mental health and overall well-being. Our therapists are happy to provide gender-affirming medical assessments in Naperville for those who need a letter or assessment to obtain transgender healthcare. Reach out to us today to learn more about our services and process.

We Fully Support Your Gender Transition Journey

Gender-affirming medical support, also known as gender-affirming care, is medical and psychosocial healthcare that assists in affirming a person’s gender identity. It is a highly-individualized model of care, and our therapists always take a patient-as-a-unique-individual approach.

When a letter or assessment from a mental health professional is required for gender-affirming medical care, our therapists will provide this at no additional charge. If two letters are required, we can schedule sessions with multiple clinicians. We believe fully in the importance of this care for our patients’ mental health, and so we work to remove any barriers between you and the care you need.

Our Experience Can Help You Get Care Sooner

Because the demand for gender transition assessments in Naperville and other areas has increased quickly in recent years, many therapists with little or no training in this field have begun offering assessments. While these professionals may have good intentions beyond making a profit, the truth is that an incomplete or inappropriate assessment could lead to a denial from your insurance company and delays in receiving care.

At Evolution Counseling, our therapists are fully trained in the WPATH Standards of Care 8. We understand how to conduct and document in-depth assessments for gender-affirming care.

Why Is Gender-Affirming Care So Important?  

The trauma and chronic stress that transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals experience is very unique and distinct from the other traumatic experiences and stressors that cisgender, heterosexual, gender-confirming individuals experience. Working with a therapist who is experienced and trained in providing gender-affirming care is essential. In addition to receiving assessments for gender-affirming care, individuals benefit from empathy, reflection, enhanced understanding of one’s self, mental health resources, acceptance, and a safe space for processing.

Patients who come to us seeking gender-affirming medical care often have various levels of knowledge about their options. Some know a great deal about available procedures, while others are just learning what is possible. Our therapists can help inform and guide you on this journey.

We are affiliated with the Lurie Gender-affirming Clinician’s Collaborative (GCC) and WPATH, and our practices are rooted in the standards for practice set by the Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues in Counseling.

Reach Out To Evolution Counseling Today for Gender-Affirming Medical Assessments

At Evolution Counseling in Naperville, we take a patient-centric approach that’s individualized and governed by informed consent. To learn more about our gender-affirming medical support and our therapists, please reach out to us today online or by phone. We are accepting new patients.

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