Caitlin Luetger-Schlewitt


Holism and collaboration are the foundation of my work as a counselor. I like to take an integrative approach with clients, tailoring my style to meet the unique needs of those I am working with rather than applying a “one size fits all” method. I believe in the power of community action and the notion that “it takes a village.” I also believe that clients know a whole lot more about themselves than an outsider ever can. My work is modeled after drawing on your life experience to treat the whole person by recognizing the intersections of biological, social, and psychological factors impacting your experience. Our roles are mutual and it is my job to walk with you, not for you. As we work together, I will rely on a non-judgmental approach fueled by curiosity so that I can help you feel empowered to use your authentic voice.

Prior to entering the field of counseling, I earned a master’s degree in liberal studies at North Central College, a bachelor’s degree in history at DePaul University which allowed me to pursue my first career in higher education as a humanities instructor and historian. My experiences as an educator have allowed me to develop multicultural competencies and become an advocate and ally for the LGBTQ+ community, immigrants, BIPOC, and other under-represented/under-served communities. Teaching led me directly to counseling and my work has been heavily influenced by my passion for world cultures and community development.

I love the things that make us unique and I really believe that differences can be an asset in therapy. One of my favorite common threads in counseling and in education is the period of transition that we all go through. We are constantly evolving, learning, and changing, and that can unleash a lot of unexpected emotion. There is something really special about these transitional journeys and I am grateful for the opportunity to experience that with you.

I am currently being trained as a psychodynamic therapist in my master’s degree program at Northwestern University, but my work has been additionally influenced by person-centered, Adlerian, existential, and solution focused theories. I have completed training in CBT, Trauma counseling, and Family Systems Therapy and I am currently being trained at Evolution Counseling Inc. to effectively work with the transgender population. Similarly, my personal experience as a former elite level and college athlete has given me a unique lens to working with athletes at any level of their game. I have clinical experience in community mental health settings and private practice, working with college students and adults experiencing depression, anxiety, skin picking, relationship issues, academic issues, and body dysmorphia.