Black Lives Matter: An Open Letter

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Black Lives Matter: An Open Letter

Black Lives Matter: An Open Letter

I write this as a white, cisgender woman who owns a private mental health practice. As part of this identity, I realize that it is my privilege to determine the timing and the content not only of this post, but of every living piece of Evolution Counseling. We are a social justice oriented, affirming practice that has been serving folks inside and outside of the LGBTQIA community as well as folks of color. That isn’t enough. Our commitment to the health and wellbeing of all people, the intentional focus on accessible care to Black and Brown folks and those of intersectional identities across the LGBTQIA spectrum makes it essential for us to take a position.That position is: Black Lives Matter. Period. We support all efforts to bring equality and justice for George Floyd as well as ALL Black lives that have been taken by oppression, injustice and the misappropriation of power in this country. We do not believe property is more valuable than people. We will continue to do our work on educating ourselves, the greater community and to take specific action (including opening our wallet) towards bringing awareness to the systemic racism that permeates every part of our colonized nation and empowering change. For those who are racial minorities outside of African American identity, and those who have many intersections, we see you and we acknowledge the minority stress that you experience every day of your lives. We are also in the midst of Pride month, so it is essential to particularly call out that Black Trans Women are the most oppressed and victimized folks in this culture. We see you and we will continue to fight for the rights of all people in this nation to be able to happily live their lives safely. In light of President Trump’s most recent decision to remove policy that protects trans folks against sex discrimination in health care, we say to all trans people that we see you and are committed to providing inclusive health care regardless. We will continue to support you and spread the message that all healthcare must be accessible and free of discrimination. Our promise is to be an inclusive, safe and affirming place for Black folks (both clinicians and clients) and all other ethnicities, intersectional identities, genders and sexual orientations. We cannot do this by staying silent. We will not stay silent. We still have our own work to do at Evolution and we will continue to re-examine our practices, policies, space and approaches to reflect our anti-racist beliefs and ensure that our service and experience remains to be driven by love, health and justice. Please take care of yourselves and know this remains a safe space for all.
Jennifer Curtin,
Owner Evolution Counseling, Inc.

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