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Evolution Counseling

Unique Therapy For Your Evolving Life

Evolution Counseling, Inc. provides quality, unique therapy for every aspect of our evolving lives. Therapy is far more than ebbs, flows, changes and disruptions in life. 


Evolution Counseling provides educated therapists with life and academic experience. Our staff understands the truly reparative power of a healing, authentic connection between therapist and client.  While approaches vary and clinical competencies grow, it’s the quality and strength of this bond that helps facilitate change.  We walk with you on your journey, empowering you to make the changes and choices that will help you to reach the next level of change in your life, relationships, identity and mental health and wellbeing.

And above all, we accept and affirm each person regardless of sex, ethnicity, age, gender or sexual identity.  Evolution Counseling is for every stage of every life.  We hope you will entrust us to walk the journey with you.

This practice was built by a woman who had a dream to open up a practice that was truly focused on clients - from the first contact, to the comfort of the therapy room, the ease of billing and scheduling, to the real and empathetic approach of a therapist. Here at Evolution Counseling, Inc. we want to provide you with the tools and the guidance to help with everything life brings.

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It’s an approach and treatment plan that is tailored to each person individually based upon their symptoms, goals, needs and experiences. Our clinicians work from a large array of theories and approaches, and will help to prescribe a treatment or approach that will facilitate progress.  Simply put, the length and type of treatment is highly individualized.

What Is Psychotherapy?