Be Seen.
Be Heard. 
Be Affirmed.
Be Understood. 
Become You

Mental health is not a destination, but a process. It's about how you drive, not where you're going.

-Noam Shpancer


Our Mission is to be devoted to helping people navigate life with the end goal of finding acceptance, positive ways to be present, and form healthy relationships. Walking side by side with clients through the various stages of their life, relationships, identity, and mental well being with a to offer Emotional Safety and Positive Support, with compassion and support while using research-based techniques.


Leading with connection. Any strategies regardless of theoretical orientation are unsuccessful without a strong, and transformative bond between therapist and client. This is the basis for Evolution Counseling, Inc. Additionally, recognizing the roles and rules of family systems help to inform how a person functions in every day life. How we operate in our families, workplaces and intimate relationships help us to nurture change and development. As relationships are essential to our psychological health, working with how a person is relating is key to reaching goals in counseling.


Warm, connected counseling experience that will empower you to change in the ways you decide, and in your own time.

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